• Fredrikstad, December 10: Psychosocial work in the digital society – 3rd annual workshop for psychosocial work.

    -> Download the workshop program

  • Zagreb, December 6: Health and Bioethics in the Digital Society – 2nd Navigating Knowledge Landscapes’ International Conference.
    Zagreb, December 7: 8th NKL-network meeting

    -> Download the Final Program with abstracts

    -> Download the minutes

    -> Download the Invitation, Preliminary Program and Call for Abstracts

  • Symposium “Navigating risk and uncertainty in on-line health communication” at the SRA-E 2018: Risk & Uncertainty – From Critical Thinking to Practical Impact, Mid Sweden University, Östersund, Sweden, 18–20 June 2018, link to conference programme.

  • Östersund, June 17-20: 7th NKL-network meeting

    -> Download the minutes

    -> Download the preliminary program (including the call for abstracts to the NKL-symposia at the SRA Europe conference)


  • Amsterdam, December 15: Second International Symposium on Cross-disciplinary Research in the Health Humanities: Knowledge Landscapes and Perspectives in the Digital Health Society

    -> Download the symposium program

  • Amsterdam, December 14: 6th NKL-network meeting

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    -> Download the call for abstracts

    -> Download the minutes

  • Halden, April 28-29: 5th NKL-network meeting

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    -> Download the minutes

  • Halden, April 27: Navigating Knowledge Landscapes – First International Conference on Health and Person-Centered Care in Digital Society. Location: Thon Hotel, Langbrygga 1, 1767 Halden, Norway.

    -> Download the conference program

    -> Download conference poster 1 and 2

    -> Download the conference proceedings

    -> Download conference slides


  • Tenerife, November 11-12: NKL- parallel session “Change and obstruction in the web of on- line health information” at the DIPEx conference Health Narratives, Universidad de La Laguna, Santa Cruz, Tenerife. Chair: Anna Lydia Svalastog. (DIPEx International is an official collaborating partner to the NKL network).

  • Tenerife, November 10th: 4th Navigating Knowledge Landscapes network meeting, Universidad de La Laguna, Santa Cruz, Tenerife. Host: Emilio J. Sanz.

    -> Download the program

    -> Download the minutes

  • York, July 6th: Workshop in conjunction with the University of York ‘Science and Technology Studies Roundtable’

    -> Download the workshop program

  • York, July 7th: 3rd NKL-network meeting

  • Bilbao, 18th February: Workshop knowledge, communication, and personalized health: navigating the digital landscape

    -> Download the workshop program

  • Bilbao, 19th February: 2nd NKL-network meeting


  • Zagreb, September 29th: On Tuesday at 4 pm at the 1st floor lecture room of the Croatian Institute for Brain Research, Šalata 12, there will be a set of lectures on the theme “Knowledge Landscapes” organized by project GlowBrain. Lecturers: Anna Lydia Svalastog (Centre for Research Ethics and Bioethics, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden), Joachim Allgaier (Independent Scholar, Aachen, Germany), Harald Holone (Ostfold University College) and Lucia Martinelli (MUSE – Science museum, Trento, Italy).

    -> Link to event

  • Zagreb, September 29-30: 1st NKL-network meeting at the premises of the Croatian Institute for Brain Research (CIBR), University of Zagreb School of Medicine (UZSM), Šalata 12, Zagreb, Croatia.

    -> Download the minutes